Hey, i know absolutely nothing about amp heads. but i have a 100w solid state marshall amp. model 100DFX. pretty soon i might play in front of my church. do i need a head or is that even possible for a solid state amp cause its not a stack?? if so which one should i buy cause i have no idea what i would need? hopefull not incredibly expensive but i dont mind used. thanks-
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1. It's 100 watts
2. It'll sound crap but it will work
3. Stacks aren't any louder than combos of similar wattage

your amp is a combo, no?

that means that the HEAD and CABINET are uh....what's the word...combined.

so the answer to that incredibly uninformed question is no.

they're the same thing when you're playing Marshall MG crap.

...but feel free to go buy a head for the fun of it.
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100 watts should be enough unless your playing some enormous show, and if its a combo, theres no point in a head because theres already a preamp in the combo, so like theoreticmusic said the basic answer is no.
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