How low should bass action be?

Is it ok for the strings to rattle a little when its unplugged?

I know guitar action makes a world of diffence, but is bass the same way?

Will it **** up the intonation if the strings are lowered?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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i like my bass action to be like my guitar action, almost touching the fret board but alot of bassists like it higher its really all about what kinda sound u want
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Well, the rattling would be picked up and put through the amp and would sound terrible, so you want to avoid any buzzing whatsoever.
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The lower the better in my opinion... Much easier to tap, slap, and just play fingerstyle more faster and fluently when the action is low.
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low is good unless it rattles. get it as low as you can without it rattling.

thats for if you play fast and/or staccato. if you dont play fast then high might be your thing.
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if i do lower it will it **** up the intonation?

Yes, but you can correct intonation as well. Personally, I like my action quite low, but there is no fret buzz or humming from having it too low.
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