I just had my strat returned from a setup. He set the action, intonation, and brought the floating bridge down to the body with some extra springs. Everything is great now, except for the fact that when you play the 15th fret, you get about 30% note and 70% buzz.

I'm quite worried because that it doesn't buzz at all anywhere else in that area - and that 15th fret is a replaced one (the original had a dent in it, the same guy who did this setup replaced it) - maybe the new fret is slightly higher than the rest, causing this buzz.

Is there a simple way for me to fix this? Or should I just go straight back to him.

(I only ask because he lives in the middle of nowhere and its' expensive for me to get down there)

try checking the action to see if that's what's causing it you'l have to check somewhere for the normal action on a strat and if that's not the problem then take it back to him
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How simple would it be to file the fret? I don't want to **** that up and end up having to spend even more money. Is it an easy proceedure? (I'm sure I spelt that wrong but meh)