I'm stuck right now in my music tastes... i've got/listened to all the songs from my favorite artists... and am getting a little tired of them.

Here's my list of artists:

Listen to a LOT:
Blaqk Audio
The Cure
Black Sabbath

Listen to a little/have only heard a few songs i liked:
She Wants Revenge
Brand New
Motley Crue
Marilyn Manson

Alright Pit... suggest me some new music!

3 Inches of Blood
The Sword
Johnny Cash
Gordon Lightfoot
Ludwig van Beethoven
Richard Wagner
George Frideric Handel
Franz Liszt
St. Vitus
The Wolfe Tones
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ac/dc, aerosmith, alice cooper, allman brothers, anthrax, the beatles, black sabbath, blue oyster cult, blues brothers, boston,creedence clearwater revival, the clash, cream, danzig, david bowie, deep purple, the doors, edgar allan winter group, foghat, graveyard bbq, the guess who, guns n roses, iggy pop, iron maiden, james gang, jane's addiction, jimi hendrix, judas priest, the kinks, kiss, old korn not new korn, the last vegas, led zeppelin, lynard skynard, matthew sweet, metallica, the misfits, motley crue, motorhead, nirvana, the outlaws, ozzy, pantera, poison, queen, rage against the machine, the ramones, ratt, rush, the sex pistols, slayer, the sword, tenacious d, thin lizzie, twisted sister, valient thorr, van halen, the who, the white stripes,stuff like that

not to press my musical tastes on anyone or anything
The Raveonettes
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i'm actually looking for some more punkier bands (AFI's older stuff [Answer That and Stay Fashionable]). And also some techno bands, such as Blaqk Audio and She Wants Revenge.

try At the Drive-In
The Distillers

and the Legendary Portuguese wartime rock 'n' roll band, Kalashnikov! OH YEAH MOTHER****ER!!!
Against me!, Bad Religion, Nofx, Offspring, Tiger Army.

Tiger army actually sounds a lot like old afi.
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Listen to a little/have only heard a few songs i liked:

Brand New

give em a bigger try
3 albums, all different, all fantastic
brilliant band
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give em a bigger try
3 albums, all different, all fantastic
brilliant band

Yeah, i just heard one of their songs on MusicChoice on my TV... and they sounded pretty cool. so i looked them up on iTunes.... it was a song called "Sic Transit... ?something?"

Resurrection Band! And if you like them, try Glenn Kaiser (the leader of Resurrection Band) who went solo and later formed the Glenn Kaiser Band.

Rez Band's (its their nickname) best albums in my opinion are Awaiting Your Reply (their 1978 official debut) and Rainbow's End, their second album ('79). I actually haven't heard a whole lot of their music, but what I have heard I've really liked. Check 'em out. I recommend them 'cause I saw that you like Black Sabbath.

And if you like 'em, then what I would recommend from Glenn Kaiser would be "Ripley County Blues" (2002 or 3, can't remember which) and a live album with his band ('05), simply called "Live". It's like hard/blues-rock