if i have one of these but don't use the whammy bar much, if at all, will it last a decent amount of time without breaking?
it wont break on you, but yes, the knife edges will still wear down fast regardless of use
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
block it if you dont use it, should prolong the life a little bit.

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if i have one of these but don't use the whammy bar much,

Mucho point in getting a guitar with a FR then?
that's what i'd have said
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Mucho point in getting a guitar with a FR then?

yeah really, thats what i was gonna say...
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Well, a blocked trem does allow for a more precise and stable tuning, although, resonance and sustain suffer despite the trem being blocked. And still then, guitars with tremolos tend to run about $100+ more than their hardtail counterpart.

May I recommend:

But if you insist on a trem, search for a used Ibanez RG550, a used modified Ibanez RG3xx series ( I have an RG320 with the edge pro, great quality guitar, feels just like prestige) an Ibanez S series or a Shecter Hellraiser.
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