Hi, im currently looking to make the sound some call growl on a bass. Its not distortion, and i have no idea how to make it. My EQ is as follows, the 12 o'clock position is 0, not adding or losing anything.

Gain(12 o'clock isnt 0 here): 9 o'clock
Volume (12 o'clock isnt 0 on this one either): 7-8 o'clock
Frequency(not sure if 12 o'clock is 0): 12 o'clock

These are all 0 at 12 oclock
63(lows): 3 oclock
150: 12 oclock
350:1 oclock
800: 1 oclock
2k: 12 o'clock
5k(highs): 3 oclock

How can i get the "growl" without modifying too much of my actual EQ.

If its not possible to do without changing my EQ just tell me i want to try it

Thanks for your help in advance.
Well, as you have a jazz bass, you should be aware that these basses naturally have a high mid growl.

If you try plucking closer to the bridge pickup and boosting higher mid frequencies, you should be able to get a fair bit of growl.
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Do you want a throaty sound or just a dirty sound? If you want the dirt, you can use an overdrive pedal with minimal gain. Or a tube preamp and boost the gain up.