So I just got myself a Marshall MG10CD (because I'm a noob at guitar), plugged it in, plugged in my guitar and turned it on. It has two channels, clean and overdrive. When I turn on overdrive, there is this really bad buzz like static electricity happening, even if I haven't yet touched my strings. When I touch the strings (even faintly), the buzz dies.

Even weirder is that if I touch one of the screws on the amps casing, the buzz stops, like if I touched the strings. And no, the volume is not high at all, its like at 3/10 only.

Even in clean, there is a buzz, though no where as bad. HELP!
Your guitars pick ups aren't grounded properly. Check for any loose wiring.
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ya buzz for me too mith my telecaster...when i touch the tone and volume knobs on the guitar it stops...how do i check the wiring?? wat shud i be looking 4(i am a noob also!XD)
I've only used my guitar for the 1st time today. I mean, can the wiring really be messed up already?
It might have came out during shipping or something, so yes. All you have to is resolder it to the back of your guitar, or you can bring it ot a pro who hopefully won't charge more than 5 bucks haha.
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