whats up UG, Im thinking about getting new **** for my guitar (Ibanez ICX220 Iceman)
like new EMG pick ups, a floyd rose bridge and new locks, and new strings annd stuff. Do you think it would be easier to just buy a new guitar?
Well that guitar is a hardtail, so by the time you spend all the money to buy an OFR and then get it routed for the OFR you'd be better off just getting a guitar that has all the features you want stock. Plus you'd end up with an all-around higher quality guitar.
Hmm i would suggest buying a new guitar, routing for a OFR or an Ibanez trem isn't worth it for that guitar by any means
getting new strings is something you should be doing routinely anyways...
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Im doing this all at once, so the strings would add to the total cost anyway..