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The title pretty much tells it all
it could be pysically or emotionally
and if you want add why you feel that way
please no "I Cum Blood"

ill start

When The Levee Breaks-Led Zeppelin
Rock You Like a Hurricane-Scorpions

"This Flesh, A Tomb" - Atreyu

I feel eyelashes on my cheek
And they lacerate my flesh
A pain so good
Put your hand in mine
Never let go
Never wake up 'cause I'm done with promises
I'm taking blood oaths
Feels likes you could kiss my imperfections
My imperfections away
And I would stand
Stand by your side until the sun turns the sky
All the colors I see in your eyes

I'll never need to see the sun again
There's enough light in your eyes to light up our little world
So take me, take my away
Kill me slowly, I'll never be the same

I swear to you, on everything I am
And I dedicate to you all that I have
And I promise you that I will stand right by your side
Forever and always until the day I die

The bite marks on my neck never felt so good
I'm losing control and it's all that I can do
Not to blackout and fall into lust with you
Your kisses infect me
The dark gift is loving you

And I feel immortal and I want to make you feel the same
So stand by me as we immolate
We can burn in each other's arms
Dream Theater - Octavarium.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

Art & Lutherie
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
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Please daddy, just for one hour.
the book of heavy metal.

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Dream Theater - Octavarium.

theres no way your life is more than 23 minutes long.
Whats the longest word?

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because theres a mile between the two s's!

I can't think of one right now. At the moment, I am just content and relaxed, and after glancing at my music library, I don't have a single song.

I guess Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife- Mastodon
It all makes sense
We're capable of beauty
Through sounds that make on cringe
The dogs only hear us now

Bored to Tears - Black Label Society
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Dream Theater - Octavarium.

If this is true, let's trade lives. Seriously.

Bleeding in the Brain - Blotted Science
That's what I feel like.
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Just eat the headstock.

That'll make you look mad.
Aint my bitch- metallica
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The time I fell on my face on a trampoline and cracked my neck, then proceded to run around the yard in a blind panic screaming "I hope I'm not paralyzed! OH GOD I THINK I'M PARALYZED!"

Get Up, I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine - James Brown
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i cum.. no srsly i just cummed

my song is 'until we say goodbye' by joe satriani
"Thoughts of a Dying Atheist"- Muse

I'm not literally dying, but still.
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Overture- Andrew Lloyd Weber- Phantom of the Opera

Yeah, my life is that epic.
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yeah was weird cause she liked us both but she loved him and for some reason she let me know beforehand.

i just wanted her poon and she wanted me to have her poon.

so i had myself some poon.
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"Thoughts of a Dying Atheist"- Muse

I'm not literally dying, but still.

you're DYING to get out of the pit!!!!

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Please daddy, just for one hour.
Life by Devin Townsend
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
American Analog Set - Punk As ****

(see what I did there?)
I r Pirate!
I go to the barn because I like the - Band of horses.
Garbage man - Hole

Its a mixture of both.
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You trying to conquer some one?

Yes... some... one


This pretty much.
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"death-metal is the best when its in the shape of a dildo and shoved in my ass"

Born to lose...
!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Win
Riff Raff - AC/DC possibly
Hull City A.F.C

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crunkym toy diuckl;ess ass ****igkjn ****** **** bitch ass pussy ****er douchecanoe ****** **** you s omn cnt you lieet le biutch
What if I really do cum blood? jk jk....

I feel emo admitting it but I feel like I can relate to No Roads Left by Linkin Park right now.
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I immediately clenched my butthole after reading that...
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What if I really do cum blood? jk jk....


well than you have toi somehow prove it
pics anyone?
jk jk....
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