I have played a Spider Valve recently and it sounded pretty good. But I have been trying to find a B-52 ST-6012 to play but the only B-52 products I've found are the AT models and no one seems to carry the ST models, so... Can someone whos played a B-52 ST-6012 tell me if its a better amp than say either a Spider Valve HD100 halfstack or 212 combo for playing Prog, Thrash, and NWOBHM?
well, alot of people on here are on the bandwagon with Line 6's. I personally have played on the Spider Valve and its way better than the Spiders IIIs. Very loud, and keeps tight and together at high volumes, unlike the SS spiders. (i used to have the 75w Spider III)

i just havnt played on a B-52. i would wait for more posts
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Ya thats why I'm hesitant on getting the Spider Valve over a B-52. I also owned a 75 watt Spider III that crapped out on my, and my friends just love Spider IIIs even though I think they sound like crap that has been compressed and digitalized.
I wasn't all that impressed when I played the spider valve.

I went for the B-52 AT 112....but you really need to try for yourself.
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Why is it that anyone who has played a B-52 its either a AT-100, 112, or 212, and no one has played the ST series?
ok so basically which one can come closer to replicating a mesa boogie Mark IIC+ or Mark IV, or closest to being a poor mans mesa mark.
personally I think that the B-52 has higher gain, and sounds better. But thats my personaly opinion. A lot of people here do hate spiders, but I have heard decent to good things about the spider valve.

Personal you would probably be happy with either. After building my tubescreamer, I use it to push it into some pretty insane territories, and my eq pedal, out of all my pedals, my eq and tubescreamer gives me everything I need.

But personally in the case of lower budget tube amps, you will hear different things. I definately love my b-52 and I am probably a bit biased. But the absolute best thing you can do, is go and play one.
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I've played everything that B-52 makes except the ST series, I never can find one. I have also played the Spider Valve and out of all of them I only liked one and that was a head and stack. But the thing is places like Bestbuy and Guitar Center do not take care of their amps that well. I've seen blown speakers and cracked tubes in everything, even high end amps like Mesa Boogies at GC.