Nice, I want to get me a S-1 Elite before I can't find them anymore, they were disco'd
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I love Schecters too. I'm plannin on gettin the C-1 Lady Luck, the bright red satin finish with the 'vintige' finished pickups. Looks sick.

EDIT: I had a nightmare last night; someone came over to my house with some people and stole my Damien 6. I woke up and reached for my guitar...still there...what a ****ing relief..
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I love everything about it except for the EMG pick ups, they're good for metal, but I play low/med distortion stuff.
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I'm totally with you i loooove Schecter's there just perfect in any way, can't say i'm a huge fan of the body shape but i mean it's a Schecter so it's gotta be amazing.
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you would think for "the devils own guitar" he would want a floyd rose.

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I love everything about it except for the EMG pick ups, they're good for metal, but I play low/med distortion stuff.

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I've been in love with the Stiletto ever since they showed us the prototypes. Just get rid of the actives, and I would play the hell out of it.

EDIT: And a Stargazer.
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Everytime i visit my local GC, I pick this up to play. I love it, but I've already got a Hellraiser with EMGs which is the only reason why I haven't picked this up yet.

Still, the temptation is strong.

Congrats on the guitar.
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C-1 Classic is gorgeous, and it plays incredibly too.
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I don't know why some people hate the active EMG's.

I love the hell out of them.

As for the Floyd Rose.......I personally can't stand them.