first off i am having truoble playin guitar with others i have only played for about 3 years but when i try to match my lead playin with someones rhtyhm i cant do it for **** it always just winds up sounding like a high pitched bassline (if you know wat i mean by that) is there any advice anyone can give me to help.should the lead really as it says lead or do i just keep tryin to match my lead to the rhthym.

p.s. i am sorry if this account name puts up to many post there are 3 people using it me my older brother and my freind.
well, youve been playin 3 years, lets assume you know ur scales and can figure out the key of the song. i think ur just trying too hard man. instead of trying to match it, let it flow. if your mind is too involved in your playing, your ears and your body dont have as much say. just practice wit a backing track.
ok i really dont want to say this because your prob gonna think im stupid but uhhhhhh i do know my blues scale my major pentatonic scale and my minor scale..........but how do i find out the key of the song.sorry geuss im not much of a guitarist.can anyone help.
sorry geuss im not much of a guitarist

You should start off by boosting your self-esteem a bit -- shout the phrase "I pwnz at guitar!" ten times every morning and you'll be cured in no time

Seriously though, you might not know much theory, but that doesn't make you a lousy guitarist. If you really want to, you can find lots of information about it, especially using the search bar here on UG. Search for "find key" and I'm sure you'll find lots about figuring out song keys, as the answers have been repeated over and over again over here.

(And why are you sharing the same account?)
thx man ill do that but yea ive never had much self esteem lol.

well i guess i can make my own account.again thx man
i'm not being very helpful, but i find that i play best when i just let my mind wander.
this seems odd considering what i just said, but i can't play and sing simeultaneously on simple chordy songs like "Across the Universe" or when i'm messing around with "Kryptonite". (same goes for foot-tapping... no idea why, i'm just wierd like that)
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