Hey people!!!

I know that this is a guitar site, but even though I play guitar I also play saxophone too. I know of the sites like musicmedic for pads, but i figured to weigh all of my options. I have a couple saxophones at home that need a complete repadding. I know how to repad these saxophones, but need the pads. If you or anyone that you know have pads they aren't using, or know of where i can get some, plz let me know. Thank you.
What kind of saxophones are you repading?
Squier Strat
Cordoba 20TM-CE Acoustic Electric Tenor Uke
Bugera V22
Selmer Bundy alto saxophone
Pan American sax (just about done)
Conn Tenor Sax

and to think i'm only 17 yrs. old....