Well Ive been playing for near 3 years and i'm practicing at least 4 hours by day. Now i got the feeling that im not progressing anymore and i dont know wut to do and it rly makes me angry cuz i rly like to play guitar and learn new thing.

this is my first thread so dont be too rough
do you just look up tabs and learn songs?

Try your hand at writing, theory, look up different techniques that your fav guitarists use, get some effects and play around with your sound, look into different styles of music, join a band, etc.

These are all ways to improve.
thx dude and yea i been looking up tabs and learning songs for he 3 past years
try some wide intervalic licks like shawn lane does.just look up "shawn lane sick lick" on youtube and practice the first one he does.it's going to take a while but it will make everything you do (sweeping,scales,etc) faster once you get that lick down.
Well, first thing to understand is that progress isn't linear. You can't say "if I practice x hours per day, then I will improve by y% every month". Instead there are periods where you feel like you are not progressing at all, and periods where you suddenly "get" something and make incredible progress. The human mind and motor skills are a complicated thing. You just have to be patient in those frustrating periods. I think that picking something a bit different than what you have been working on can help, like learning a song that's just a bit too difficult to play from where you're at now. Changing up your practice routine a little helps.
I'd say playing with other people is one of the best ways to get out of a rut!

Especially if they come from a background you've never been involved with before.