This is my first fully recorded song. I used a crappy 300 dollar ibanez gio guitar with v-amp 2 direct recording using riffworks. I used drumkitfromhell for drums and a soundfont for the strings. I need to totally redo the solo, since it was a bad improv(it was mostly imporove, since some of the ideas I wrote in guitar pro, I couldn't play fluently yet.) I think.


its in my profile, btw. Its called song 22
That's actually really good. I'm not a fan of the genre of music, but from what I heard from that, I'm impressed. Yeah, the solo could be worked on, but it was still awesome.

And is it a little out of time at the beginning? It sounded strange.

C4C in my profile, Demo Song I think it's called. Just comment on the song itself, the topic is dead.
I love that first riff, its awesome. Well, actually I like pretty much all those riffs.
In the chorus, you could probably fix those palm mutes, they're a little off time.
The transition from the chorus to that next part sounds a little weird, if you're going for a proggy time change, I would add in an interlude.
Yeah, the solo could use work, the first part is alright though. The keys aren't really my thing, but thats opinion not a problem.
Despite having a Gio and a v-amp, your tone is really nice, props man.

C4C in my profile, please keep in mind that it's improv. Oh, and it's pretty low, you may have to turn it up to hear anything..