I've been teaching myself electric guitar for about 5 months (my friend's old righty Ibanez) and am getting lessons soon. However I have never really used a pick in all that time. I couldn't get the hang of them and they just felt kind of "wrong" in my right hand (I'm left handed). I have found that a pick feels more natural if held in my left hand but if I turn my guitar upside down, the hands being the other way round feels completely alien.

I enjoy playing without a pick but feel that it is really limiting what i can and cannot play and I much prefer the crisp sound that a pick makes to the slightly dull sound made by fingers.

Could someone please give me their opinion about what I should do about this? Keep playing as I already am? Force myself to use a pick right handed (i struggle to even do simple things like use a fork right handed)? Or do I give lefty playing a shot and effectively cancel out 5 months self taught progress?

Any help would be appreciated,

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Practice the way you feel most comfortable. As far as using a pick, it's somthing that takes getting used to. I played fingerstyle myself starting out, and when I finally broke down and made myself get used to playing with a pick, I found myself wishing I had done it sooner. Sure, it feels alien at first, but there are so many tones you can experience with a pick, and if you can play both ways (pick and fingers), you'll have a ton of options available to you.

Just stick with it. You'll get it.
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Holding a pick is very awkward to start out with. You'll soon develop your own technique and it will be comfier. Dont switch to lefty, you'll just limit yourself to what guitar to get.
i'm exactly like you dresson. I'm left handed and i play right-handed guitar and yes i also had the same problem playing with a pick where i struggled for awhile in the beginning to get use to playing. Just like everything if you keep practicing it'll be fine.
im lefthanded and play righty also, but i dont really remember having to strugle with the pick. also, it felt more natural to me to play guitar right handed rather than left, because i gues the fingers on my left hand are more nimble from doing al sorts of stuff with it than on my right...
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I'm left handed, and it felt very unnatural to me at first as well. Just practice strumming simple chords at first, then move on to something such as plug in baby by muse. The riff ( i found ) was perfect for getting used to the pick properly. Start with downpicking, then move on to alternate picking.