I have an Ibanez RG2EX1. It's obviously nothing special. But I digress...

Anyhow, since the guitar was only 300 and could use some improvement I've decided over time I'm going to do some customizing. I plan on putting a compensated nut, locking tuners, and new pickups in it. However, sustain is something I want to improve as well. I was wondering if anyone knew of a better fixed bridge to put on it. It's a basswood body and the current bridge is string-thru-body. I assume I should keep it string-thru because I figured having the strings go through the body would only help sustain. Sorry for the rant; now hit me up with some ideas.

Thanks in advance.
fernandes sustainer.
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tonepros bridge?
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with a good nut and new pickups, sustain should increase. also you can use a gain or boost or Overdrive pedal to help.

i mean ibanezes are so light, you wouldnt buy one if you want sustain in the first place
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