this is my song and its kinda prog experimental so ive been told by my bassiest

its not finished yet!

i started making it in the morning about oneish and its just grown from there i plan to make it a long one!

and check out my band who will be playing this soon hopefully!


improvement and criticisum comments welcome!

i want to try and make it perfect or near enough! so anything you dont like say!
new 126.zip
I was looking at this earlier, actually...

...I can't crit right now 'cause I got stuff to do, but I will crit.
(Unless I forget, then do feel free to remind me.)

And I liked what you did to that solo of mine, if I use any of those ideas I'll be sure to tell you, but I do prefer my own version, I'm a serious fan of odd timings and so on, it's kinda my thing, but really, thanks, a lot of your ideas were better than my ones =D

A mini-crit: there's not much progressive to this, really. It's 4/4, and doesn't have any really wacky scales in it... it sounds more like a sort of melodic death metal tune to me...

I shall proper crit later.
Ok, first of, this isn´t prog or expierimental, this is kinda... Melodeath Core. Ok, and then the crit: Nothing to bad with the main Riff, gets in your head quickly, a good starter. Drums enter, same Riff, different drums, tremolo-picked Part. It´s okay for an Melodeath song, but it kinda gets on your nerves very quickly, why don´t put a melody there insted of just running through the notes? Same again... Breakdown. I´m personally neither a fan of this genre and neither of Breakdowns, it just bores the hell out of me because It´s always the same chord. And always the same rhythm. It lacks varity. You did nice with the Lead after it, tho. Then there was this crazy thing starting at 63. I didn´t know what you wanted to do with it, it kinda didn´t fit in there. The next part is very TBDM-ish, maybe check them out, or do you listen to them? I kinda think that you may be inspired by them Acustic part is a little creepy, guess it fits with the music. It´s repeated with the distorted guitars, nothing really different, just octaving then. Maybe end it on a creepy chord? The End seems too abrupt, kinda. Anyways, nice for Medodeath, but still needs work to be done.
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Alright, I had mixed feelings on this one. I liked the opening riff, no question there, but the tremolo picking section really threw me off. Maybe if you had some pounding drums there, it would be nice, but I really don't think it fits. So, after that, you go into more repeats of the intro, which I am assuming is a verse. It still sounds good, but the bass is really thin there, I think you could do better with that. After that, another Tremolo picking session, which again, I did not enjoy. Bar 41 confused me at first, but then I enjoyed it. Really reminded me of The Glass Prison (by Dream Theater). I could almost hear "Run! Fast! Through wreckage of the past!" in the melody. I really enjoyed the feeling break at bar 56, where it got more melodic, then at bar 63, went straight back into IN YOUR FACE METAL. Bars 81-88 seemed unnecessary, especially because of the repetition. I think you could have just gone to bar 89, and done the fade out from there. The acoustic part was nice, contrasted well, and then you played it again distorted. A good ending, however, was lacking. What I really think is that you should put the tremolo picking session there, I think it would really add to the sound.

You already Critiqued mine, but if you have the time, would you mind giving a little bit more insight to your comments? Thanks.
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