It's like Superman reading the teachings of Jesus. The two greatest musicians on Earth hath combined forces. I officially quit music, as it has reached it's zenith with that cover.
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You have no right to tell him that the topic is old when you yourself use something that has been done many more times.
I usually improvise and compose in A minor(well, minor), but I try to use other scales as much as I can to make it more varied(SP?)
So...I usually improvise in a scale that looks something like this...usually around 230 bpm

1 b2 b3 #4 #5 6 b7 7 8

Yeah I find it fits well over major chords...particularly the IV in a I-IV-V

I tried to harmonize it once..but then the next day I found out Heath Ledger had died

oh well he was a terrible actor anyway
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Because e-cred on a sub-par 4Chan knockoff forum is what everyone strives to achieve.
We believe - so we're misled
We assume - so we're played
We confide - so we're deceived
We trust - so we're betrayed