This is just a short solo/interlude I wrote for my 6 strings fretless, tuned to BDGDGB =)

It's for my bassy solo project - http://www.myspace.com/robensemble

I'm mainly concerned with the structure here... but yeah, all opinions welcome, and c4c as usual.

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It´s a nice solo you got there, maybe a little short. It was nice itself but there was this little thing missing. There´s just this main melody, and then Variations on the theme. That may be good for a bass solo, but nothing to entertain the listener. The listener needs more melodies. So try to expand this one some more, and reach the full potential of it. 7/10 for it now.

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yeah like the guy above me said it is a bit short but that could be easyily fixed over time but i dident like the funny time signitures just dident feel right, good tune but hey other people might like the funny timeing.
maybe if its going to be a recording then add some synths in to give it atmosphere or another bass for the rythem which isent there.
and change some of the note types around because there all the same maybe have some hammer-ons and pull offs, tapping or even slides

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keep up the good work!
I really like it. It has a bit of a ocean feel to it. Kinda reminded me of the John Myung solo song Solar Groove however, but that isn't a bad thing. I think this would go well with some delayed guitar layering under it, and maybe some melodic ambient noise in the background, maybe some ocean sounds or something?

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i agree with the previous sentiments regarding its length. that could go places, i say.
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That was really nice to listen to. I completely agree that it would be nice longer, it surprised me how short it was, but it was quality. Looks really hard to play at times.
Oh yeah from the title, if you got it from where i think- thats an awesome book!
Not really a proper crit, so no need to crit mines.

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