Right now my setup goes guitar/vox/bass - 2 vamps (1 guitar, 1 bass) - 4track mixer - computer. I have my mixer in the line in of my sound card.

I'm thinking of selling the mixer and Vamps, but what would be a good product to replace them with? The bass vamp can model bass guitars as well as acoustic guitars.

I use my computer rig as a practice tool as well.

Basically I'm asking which would be the better choice. A Black Box or the Line6 Toneport?
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I have not tried the BlackBox but I looked into getting one a while back.
I didnt get it due to everyone telling me it was crap and overpriced.

these days its gone down quite a bit though and comes with a foot control:

I did get to try the UX1 Toneport and was not impressed...
Personally I would go with the BlackBox...