Well since i'm an uncreative bastard, I only get in the mood to write after I watch a movie. Here's a song/poem that I wrote after viewing a certain film. I don't even think it's either a song or poem, I just started writing. So, any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I will C4C.

"Waking from the Dream"

I will cross these pools of light alone
Where my imagination caresses these Monet like skies;
a portrait of your eyes
Shed a tear for my mistakes
My final wish to be with you
I know it's fake but I lost you along ago
Along with the man who died inside himself

Just lie to me,
Tell me we'll meet again in another life
My heart has been frozen for so long,
and you've been the only memory keeping this body alive
Now that it's over, I realize that this dream will never make up
for what was taken from me
I'll come crashing back into reality
Looking at the reflection of a broken soul in a shattered mirror

To return to a loveless world without you will be facing my greatest fear,
once and for all
"Open your eyes", I heard you say for the last time
I always knew that smile would be the end of me
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