I was looking for some advice...

I play acoustic-electric.
(I used to play a friend's but am about to purchase my own)
Previously, I ran my guitar directly into the PA.

I'm wanting to use a lot more effects now, and I've seen some people run their effects and everything into their own small mixing board (usually a Behringer 6 channel) and then out to the PA, avoiding an amp altogether.

Basically, I'm thinking my guitar will run into my tuner, then into a splitter, sides A and B.
A: Ross Flanger/Distortion -> Marshall Chorus -> Ibanez Delay -> Mixer
B: -> Mixer
I was told that I could keep control of the volume pre-PA this way and avoid feedback, as I use distortion on various songs. B would be used for clean, acoustic strumming and I'd have the option to go back and forth.

Is this the best option?

What are the strengths/weaknesses?

I'd prefer to not buy an amp.
i would first concentrate on the guitar purchase.

from there, perhaps you could add a pedal or 2 before the board.

but either way, you want to make sure your on board Preamp is top notch.

with a preamp you can control the volume.

as for which effects, i would try them out first. see what you really need. (what goes best for the type of music you play) the more you toss on, the more noise you add to the mix.

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