Good Guitar for someone new.You should be happy with it.
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It's a great beginner's guitar. You'll be happy with it!
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Wow! Thanks a lot guys. Yeah I played it and I just want it so bad but I have to wait 4 months

Also I have an acoustic guitar that my uncle gave me a while back so I am not too new.

But this will be my first electric

The one I have now that my uncle gave me is a Alvarez acoustic and it rocks!
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Alright guitar.

But going on some hype on UG, (could be a dangerous thing, haven't tried one before since they aren't available in UK), you could try out an Agile guitar like this which is supposedly a great player and has decent specs. People rate Agile as the Epiphone killer!
I have a Epi LP Custom, it's pretty much the same but with fancy looking hardware and colours. It's a brilliant guitar, the only problem I have is reaching higher frets, as the neck turns square at about the 14th fret. All it requires is a little extra reaching. Other than that I love it, prefer it over my Dinky.
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