I recorded a song and put it in my profile, but not to many people have checked it out and no one has left a comment, so I thought I could post it here so it got some more attention.

it's a metal-shred type song by the way

the song is in my profile by the way

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The solo is well done and the recording is pretty good quality. If you could improve on anything it would be to mix a lot more so it would be more interesting. Also the ending was a little more abrupt and could be more subtle or at least closure. Keep on rockin man.
thanks, man!

the reason the mixing is bad is because my recording gear won't let me transfer it to my computer in stereo for some reason, but I "kinda" made it stereo, but it's not great.

and you might have noticed that the drums are very repetetive, but that's because I didn't know how to change drum patterns on my recorder when I recorded this.

and I know I kinda frigged up the ending... sorry about that.

anyways, thanks
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Nice stuff man.

It does get slightly repetitive before the solo. The solo is really good though.

It sounds like you fall off time a bit at the end.

Overall pretty good stuff.

you could also probably turn the volume up a little.