I'm not new at guitar playing at all but I'm new at changing things on the guitar etc. etc.
So I'm doing my intonation and action and I can't lower it any further for my low E string but I think I can get it if I take off this stupid spring.
How important are those springs that come with the saddles? What is their purpose?
Oh sorry I cant help I've never used one. Perhaps if instead of tightening you could try loosening the screws?
3 saddles? if so, I'd buy a six-saddle replacement.
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truss rod maybe? or different gauge strings
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.. like that?

so you're saying... the springs which are between the saddles and the back of the bridge are stopping you from getting the saddles closer to the base of the bridge?
makes no sense to me, carry on.
id say keep the spring but cut it shorter if you need to, the spring keeps the saddle pushed out away from the back of the bridge so that once you do have the intonation set, it'll stay that way. just snip it with some wire cutters or something, but keep something there.