a friend of mine has a Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty and plays through a Line 6 Spider III 15 Amp and has found he doesnt like the tone of the neck pickup after looking on the internet i have found that they are all Alnico Classic Magnet Humbuckers and wants to change the neck pickup with a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB the Jeff Beck ones and was wondering if it will make a difference with the amp he has got. any ideas?
yeah, line 6 spiders arent exactly known to be amazing. he should try and save for a nicer amp
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New amp first.

That said, in general, new pups are generally gonna be better for fine-tuning. Unless the ones in it right now are complete ass, it won't make too huge of a difference.
pickups are for making good tone better

spiders don't have good tone

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I'd say that he should get a new amp first, namely a tube combo or a decent solid state (line 6 flextone III-it's a POD with amp modeling and a speaker basically, and it's actually good-unlike the spider)
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Hes expecting great tone from a 15 watt practice amp. A new pickup wont change anything. I dont expect great things from my little 15w amp except thats its alot easier to carry than my tube amp.
Tell him to get a new amp first. If he is adamant about new pups, slap him in the face and say "Good day, sir!" and just walk away.

Seriously, I play my Squier through a FM 25R. I like it just fine, but then I played it through some Crate head into a Randall cab and it sounded much more awesome. Same as when I played it through a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL and 1960A and B cabs. I then realized that my 25w practice amp sucks more than I thought.
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Tell him to get a new amp first. If he is adamant about new pups, slap him in the face and say "Good day, sir!" and just walk away.

hahaha i will thanks
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