Odds are a lot of you have done this. You take the rhythm to Iron Man and sing a different set of (usually somewhat humorous) lyrics over top of it.
I am Afro Man, running from the Ku Klux Klan. They wear pointy hats, and beat me with baseball bats.


I'm the Ice Cream man, running over fat kids with my van. Run, scream, just for fun if I miss I'll use my gun.

Anyone else have any alternative lyrics to this wonderful song?
i've only heard the ice cream man one, only the second verse goes

"if they don't die at first, I will kill them in reverse"
Your Ice Cream Man version is wrong. It goes like this:

I'm the Ice Cream Man, running over fat kids with my van. When they hear my bell, all the little fat kids run like hell.

At least that's the version I know. I think it sounds better too.
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I am failure thread

fai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-failure thread

to many sylables Im afraid.

I am failure man, making threads fail when I can
One that my friend does by accident:

I am Iron Man,
Can he see or is he...****!
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