So, after a couple of months of lurking in these forums, i have a big urge to try and build my own guitar. It would be a explorer shape, with a gibson style bridge, so its not that complicated. But i have no idea if i can pull it off. I belive myself to have decent shills in working with wood (having built around 30 wooden swords aat my gramps should count for something ), but i have very little experience with electronics. I have used a soldering iron before, with a pretty good outcome, and whenever i worked with wires, i alwas managed to figure out where one should go (provided i had a diagram). So, how hard would it be for me o wire a guitar? Also, what tools would i need? And would it be easier to do a Bolt on neck or a neck-trough design?
I have an Ibanez at home that i rarely use, since i got my Epi, would it be better if i pulled it apart, repainted it and put it back together first? But im a little reluctant to do that, what if i cant get it back together?
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I think a simple neck-thru, not like a 5-piece laminate neck neck-thru, would be pretty easy. Wiring a guitar isnt too hard. Pulling apart the Ibanez would be pretty good practice for finishing and wiring and stuff. Id say it would be a good idea.
well the hardest part I would think is making the nut and fretting and dressing/leveling/crowning the frets.
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Shouldnt be to hard if you plan everything properly and be patient.

You can find a lot of wiring diagrams on the net so thats really easy.

I would probably suggest a bolt on, as thats the easiest to deal with neck angles etc

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It isnt that hard. Check my build. I bought a neckthrough neck from stewmac. I only had to glue the budy wings and shape the body. No messing with the neck. Wiring is not that difficult. If you make it wrong you can make it again.