Nope, we're not communists and we're not drunken landlords of questionable moral fiber. We're the Dubceks, a band "as American as apple pie".
We have been labeled a band of every genre but most people seem to think that we are a surf band. Check us out at www.myspace.com/thedubceks and be our friends!
hell yeah you speak my anti communist language.

but yeah the music seems kinda like you might need more practice or something. i dont know how it was recorded but its not that perfect, but you knew that. well in my head i imagined it with better recording and it sounded great, congrats. i would either get better recordings, or kill a man and have a band bonding time while you do it, or practice.

Ha ha ha. The tracks on MySpace were recorded in 1964! Not to say that recordings were terrible in that day and age but we were working with an already antiquated four track. We were only teenagers. Those were the tracks that we sent as demos to the record labels. No wonder we're indie! Ha ha.
Yeah. Definitely have a lot of "surf" sound in your music. Guitars/lead sound out of tune with each other. Drums need to be on time, definitely. That's the biggest issue in these recordings, that and then the tuning. Possibly recording with a clicktrack or getting your drummer to work with one will help a LOT in the long run.

You should check out my band also man. Critique is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Whoa, didn't know the tracks were that old. O_O

I guess time has proved itself more than anything, rendering my critique pretty much obsolete. >_>

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