I am wondering if anyone has this yet and if it is worth the 130 somethin it costs. I am considering buying a laptop and then buying the tone port thing to start recording stuff.
i really like it. i have a valve amp, i have tons of top end pedals, i have practice amps. but when i practice in the house i use the same combination, Toneport through my good quality PC speakers. has everything i need with minimal effort, and if you play guitar mostly while you sit at the PC its a god send.
Alright cool bout the pc part but how about the laptop bit. Would it work good with a laptop?
Yh it works with anything, they rock
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^^ Absolutely, I have a UX2 with monitors running off it into my laptop. Works like a charm.
I use one and it's great.

Most of the time I use its software to record things as it just takes too long to get a good sound out of micing my amp. My song "3ft Funeral" on my profile was the TonePort UX2 and software.
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If you're buying a new laptop it should be fine, it needs a fair bit of memory for most recording programs (make sure the soundcard is decent as well though).

My laptop speakers are dire but my ux2 has headphone & monitor out sockets which I use anyway.

I did read somewhere that the usb was only 1.1 (not 2 which is faster) which might cause latency (delayed sound) issues.

There are generally a few threads in the Riffs & Recording forum which you might want to check out.
Alright thanks. I just wanted to make sure that I wasnt gonna buy this thing and not be able to do anything with it.