well im a beginner/imterrmediate guitarist and for now, obviously these are the hardest songs, i can play crazy train, the hell song, ace of spades, and knocking on heavens door

i kinda wanna tap into metallica, but im not expecting to do mop or one immediately so i wanna say i want to try call of ktulu or orion

which do you think would be better, learn ktulu then orion or orion then ktulu. i started the intro to ktulu the other day and the arpeggios are killin me, but im getting them, now im just trying to get the stupid

part, and thats hard. but anyways, some input would be greatly appreciated. by the way, i do plan on learning both songs
dude of wolf and man is really easy and try the unforgive its pretty easy too

ktulu is pretty easy u just need to learn hangar 18 by megadeth and u will get that part down (its the same guitarist and the same notes)
just play any song. i actually think that if you want to learn the solos, begin with orion, because kutulu has much faster solos and actually they are hard. if not, anyway orion is easier, because kutulu has harder rythm prats and etc.

and to begin with metallica, i would suggest you to start with songs off the black album. (search the traklist on wiki and then search them, or buy the CD)

try the first solo (james' solo) in master of puppets. it is easy and it is awesome. it is really melodic and impressive. PM me if any questions and DO NOT HESITATE TO PM ME!