Hey guys.. Ive finished recording a new song of mine and I was told here was the place to get it reviewed properly.. Im really excited to hear what everyone thinks

The new version is up on my myspace ( www.myspace.com/hzacmusic ) entitled 'Im not small becuase its cold'

I also have uploaded it to an mp3 at mediafire.. if anyone wants to download it.. (im not sure of the quality difference compared to myspace but it should be better) Link here: http://www.mediafire.com/?gjadrt1jngk

If anyone for some reason wants to know how to play this song.. just give me a PM and ill send you the tabs for it :P

I will glady crit your song back with a full review of every aspect.. not just 'good stuff'


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Lol title.
Your guitar tone's not bad and the overall mix is really good, nice and clear.
I think vocals are needed to make the song less repetative. Not sure what to think of the lead thing at about 1:00 and then it sounds like you just threw in the breakdown for the sake of it. A lot of bands do this but I don't particularly like it haha. Generally the song structure is good though, flows well.
Good job.

Crit mine?
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I liked the main riff, sounds very cool. The drums, well they could be better. At 1:00 guitar got a little jumbled. Overall 8/10. Good job.