has anyone seen this dvd? its great you all should check it out. whats ug's opinion on JM? I know hes hated by alot of people but this dvd changed what i thought about him alot. I guess he kinda messed up cuz the way he started with the pop music and all, but watching the dvd showed how good he is as a blues artist. I know hes not srv or hendrix and im not trying to get into that argument but right now he is one of the best(alive) blues artists out there. I realized that by watching this dvd and also asking myself "lets see is there any other current singer/songwriter that can sing pretty good write good songs and most importantly play really good blues guitar?" my answer was noo not that i know of. anyone else agree?

also this isnt a JM worshiping thread i would like to know of any other active blues musicians that are really good. I know of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Joe Bonamassa, but i dont see em as the full package like JM.
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Well, check out the JM thread if you want to know my opinion on Mayer.

If you want some current blues artists, there are a few threads around here as well, and I can find them if you want.

No interest in this DVD, though, as I'm not too keen on Mayer.

BTW, if you want some current blues artists, they include:

Keb Mo
Alvin Youngblood Hart
The Black Keys
Ryan Bingham
Derek Trucks
Gov't Mule

among others.
I havent seen it but i remember his songs as just acoustic guitar and i thought they were good, and then i saw him on electric and hes fantastic player.
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i do like JM, and this dvd is good. It kind of covers his entire career, which is good but also shows his recent playing of blues. He really is a great guitarist, and although his early stuff was pop, he really knows his stuff and where he wants to go with his music now. I think Continuum is a better album than this Album/DVD, although it doesn't have as much blues, but if you're into his pop this will cover it too.

As far as ALIVE guitarists go, its great to find players who go way old school with the modern sound. its kind of like the good guitar-influenced pop of today, the way classic rock was almost considered pop in the 60's/70's day. basically good guitar playing but not heavy sounding. Him and John froosh are my favorite alive guitarists these days

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thanks for feedback guys. so in all honesty did you guys really enjoy the dvd? I did but i considered the acoustic songs kinda weak. well maybe cuz im not currently into acoustic mood right now i guess. his strong point was probably JM trio they kick some serious butt.
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The acoustic set was quite good.

But, really, there is already a Mayer thread. This can all be talked about, and has been, there.
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This DVD is the best I've ever seen! He has his old songs and new songs! He is a great great guitarist. And singer to.

The WHy Georgia is the best version then everything else.
You can't seriously say he's the best living blues musician.

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You can not say he is the best blues player alive, cause clapton and buddy guy etc... are still alive, but as far as still making relevant music, he is the best current guitarist out who is still in their prime
I'm actually trying to think of current blues guitarists Mayer COULD beat...

Still thinking...

Still thinking...

Come on,seriously, the best current guitarist? Geez...It's unapropriate to compare Joe Bonamassa to Mayer, they're not remotely in the same league. Sorry for the post, I had to do it
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