Hey guys, i don't really play acoustic, so i don't post here much, but my girlfriend's dad has a 150th anniversary martin 12 string, and he's looking to sell it, but was wondering what it would fetch. it's really his mother's as he doesn't play guitar. I didn't know what to tell him as i have no clue about acoustic's. Could anyone here give me a ballpark price as to what they think he would get? It was in pretty great shape, a few blemishes, action was pretty low, and was very playable. it sounded amazing, thanks for any help.
There have been a few on Ebay ... a mint 6 string (150th 1983) didn't sell at $1,500. Do you know the model? That'd sure help in coming up with a price. I might have a 'Blue Book' value for you. But you can only get what someone (the market) is willing to pay, no matter what the blue book shows.
They made a few different 12 strings (D-18 & D-28 that I know of)... not sure how many different 150th anniversary models were made.
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i'm not sure, sorry : ( , i'll have to check next time i'm over there, thanks alot though!