i cum blood.... seriously dude its justified this time

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so this kid at my school microwaved brussel sprouts for lunch, and when he was about to eat them one of them exploded on his face and burned him. i like turtles

in a thread about malmsteen^
make your own brootal song
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Buy both pickups. Rub icyhot on both of them. Sandwich your penis between them and walk to the nearest homeless shelter with your brand new icyhot penis sandwich.
As blood runs black.
I forgot the name..

"In dying days"
Pretty easy
It was my first metal-core song to learn.

Conquer all by Behemoth is amazing to learn and its easy. Mass Hypnosis by Sepultura
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Stuff by Necrophagist.

Yeah... about that...
wait.. nvm necrophagist is EASY