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I was just wondering if anyone has seen a band that's either not around anymore, or has has seen a band that's had its lineup significantly changed's original lineup.

I'm talking The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the original Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica with Mustaine, etc.

Has anyone seen any bands like that in concert? I haven't personally but my dad saw The Beatles in 1966.
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My dad saw the famous line-up that is the real Guns n' Roses at some dive in LA. If that counts.
I haven't seen anyone that ended up quitting (or changing drastically)
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I do not think anyone saw the real metallica since mcgovney left before they getting gigs............. I think I am not sure though but I have never seen anyone that would fight that *sigh*
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there was a "pop rock" brasillian band called Mamonas assasinas
i went to some of their concerts, there were really good

all died in a plane crash =(
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Sacrifice had a awesome tone. Don't really caremuch for the singer but the guitar was killer. Soldiers of Misfortune was stuck in my head for days!!!
blink 182.
on their last ever tour.
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My dad saw Jimi Hendrix open for The Monkees. He also saw Frank Zappa around nine times.

I also know a guy who saw Pantera several times, including one show where they were touring with Sepultura and both bands were on stage at the same time, playing each other's songs.

So he saw Pantura. Or Sepultera.

As for me, I think the only band I've seen that's no longer together is System of a Down at Ozzfest. We were the second to last tour date, too, so I saw their second to last performance ever.
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I saw the original Black Sabbath line-up in sanbernadino at ozzfest 05.Not sure if it counts since they do occasionaly re-unite.Either way,it was bad ****in' ass.
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You never see any Nu Metal bands anymore. I grew up on Nu Metal so when they disappeared, I was forced into real metal.
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