Well I usually do really progressive stuff but I thought I go just borderline prog, more modern rock. So anyways, basically this song is called Coagulation, it may even be performed by my band, who knows. So as customary, C4C is always a nice thing to do. This piece is in 4/4, 6/4, and 8/4 time, nothing spectacular, and its mostly the same chord progressions throughout the song. Anyways enough talk, check it out, tell me what you think, and be gentle.
Absolutely loved the Acoustic intro. After that, it delved into your standard hard rock song- however, I am not saying that this is a bad thing. The first half of the song reminded me of some Foo Fighters songs, but with a bit of a darker vibe. I absolutely loved the Bridge, it added a lot to the song. The acoustic solo at the end was nice, but I think it would sound better played on piano. The outro was nice, closed the song well, especially with the piano at the end. All in all, no major problems here, nice job!

Crit mine?
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Pretty good song, not really my style but it's still great. I didn't really feel the prog in this, but it's probably because I listen to stuff like Dream Theater and BTBAM who are soaked in prog. Also, 8/4 isn't really a time signature, or not really an odd one, because after all it's just two measures of 4/4.

Here's a detailed analysis:

Nice acoustic+keyboard intro, I love the dark sound of it.

The bass and the distortion guitar both come in nicely. Also, please tell me those are hammer-ons/pull-offs on the acoustic at that part.

13 is really cool, especially with the drums doing triplets, sounds tight.

22 is a great way to get things going (with the drums) that is really cool.

Chorus is good.

Same with verse, the variation on it at 31 gives it a dark sound I hear in some modern rock songs. It goes real nicely into this chorus, which goes well into the next verse.

Bridge was good.

Break is too, and it went real nice into it, even though it was unexpected.

I like the variation on it at 61.

The outro came way too fast, you need at least another verse, and another chorus, but make the last chorus bigger than the others. The others feel too small. The song gives off vibes of epicness and builds a good bit of tension, and you really need a big chorus with lots of crash cymbals and probably twice the length of the others. A simple solo while the last chorus is playing (one that would go well with the lyrics) would help too.

I think the guitar should either play a chord or fade out at the part that just the keyboard is playing. Overall though it was a good song.

If you wanna C4C check out Garret or Nonfluence.