i got a 186.15 dollar gift certificate for musician's friend and i dont know what to get with it. i dont really need anything but if theres something really cool or like a eletric guitar that is 186 dollars and really good then maybe.I dont want to use anything besides this certificate and no i will not buy anyone anything -_- help plz
who gets a 186.15 gift certificate?

to help, wait, something will come up, don't buy something just to buy something
Just wait until you need something.
Say, you join a band and your amp sucks.
186 towards a new amp.
Or if your amp is a mid gain amp, and you want to join a metal band.
Bam, 186 there to buy you a maxon SD-9!
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$186 worth of guitar strings. or picks. or split it
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Crate V series for the win.
buy me some brass pins for my acoustic, they're like 10 bucks and you'd still have 176
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New Crate V-series amp

They are cheap
buy one to have more loudnezors and pownage

No seriously for you that would be a good investment.
buy something when you want it. dont buy just cause you have the card. or sell it on ebay for like 140?? then you get cash for something in life, not guitar related.
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seems like everyones telling me to get a V series or buy them something for their acoustic
does anyone have anything else?