Hello everyone,

I am getting married within a year, and I am looking for an acoustic version of Hoobastank's "Lucky", which we would use as our first song. Does anyone know is this exists and where I could find it?

Also, since I am a beginner guitarist (3 months of play), if anyone could help me with the chords of the song, I would greatly appreciate it!
There are Hoobastank fans?
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The chord changes will feel more natural over time with practice.

I can't find an acoustic version though, sorry.

And, congratulations!
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Screw that song (No offense). Go with the acoustic version of Everlong by the Foo Fighters. You'll be tappin' that right at the reception.

you cant go wrong with everlong
I don't think either of their fans know of it
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I see you guys are trying to steer me away from the song... I ask this only because it has a certain significance for us... it's sort of "our song"... thanks for help and continue posting if you can help me still!