I was going to buy the orange crush 10 but now I am considering to buy a preamp instead since I will be living in a college dorm I want something compact. I have amplitube 2 installed on my mac book pro so I can easily run a preamp to the computer right? right now I am using my guitar hooked up directly to the computer via line in, the sound is not that great (constant buzzing and weak signal). Is there a small portable preamp that is within $80 range? I was also thinking to get the orange amp and use it as a preamp itself but I was told elsewhere that the signal might still be weak, with the preamp will by signal be rich and clean? I have heard of toneport, pod xt, simple preamps, what do you guys think would be the best and affordable option?
You could probably get a nice sound from amplitube if you had a proper usb audio interface. I'm not too sure on brands, but hopefully someone more knowledgeable will have something.
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yeah I was considering to buy toneport GX but had some questions. You basically hook it up like this right? guitar--toneport---laptop---headphones Correct? I was going to plan to use it with amplitube 2 Or would it be better to just guy an orange crush 10 and hook it up lie this:
guitar----amp----computer or maybe guitar----computer----amp I would use the line out from the amp to hook it up correct, I won't fry anything will I. If I go with buying an amp I will have an actual amp it I feel like turning it up with amplitube effects, any thoughts on this setup? Will I still that hiss/noise if I hook it up will the amp, since the amp does have a preamp I would expect it to sound ok right?
you just need a usb interface. not even the expensive line 6 one.
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Chea_man is the best.
like this one?


so this thing would give me near-zero latency good strong signal (using the line in gives me a small tiny itty bitty weak singal, as if I was playing 50 feet away from my amp signal) and virtually no noise/hiss?
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