Hey everyone, I've been playing for a little over 2 years but haven't had much time to play in the past year or so, so I've kinda been out of the guitar loop for a while. Anyway, I meant to get a distortion pedal a while ago but never did, and since I got a $25 gift card for guitar center this weekend in the mail I thought now might be a good time.

I have an Ibanez RG321MH, a Vox AD30VT, and I'd like it to be able to get a good variety of tones. The heaviest it needs to get is probably Metallica/Pantera-ish but I'd like it to be able to get that real light overdrive tone that Opeth sometimes uses in their calmer parts. I've heard good things about the Boss DS-1 pedal, but I wasn't sure if it would be able to get a good lighter tone so then I started looking at the Boss OS-2 Overdrive and Distortion pedal. Are these good or should I be looking elsewhere? Thanks.