Yesterday afternoon, a bunch of 4chan users organized an attempt to push across the internet the false story that Gerard Way of the band My Chemical Romance had just died in a car accident. I personally only saw parts of it from a Wikipedia point of view, where I am an admin. Parts of the discussion/analysis of the rumors/hoax can be seen from the Wikipedia point of view at the discussion page of Way’s article. I did read the 4chan thread that was coordinating the hoax, though it’s likely expired by now. The hoax attempt evidentally extended well beyond Wikipedia, though, including efforts on MySpace and Digg, amoung others.

For anyone not familiar with 4chan, it’s a Japanese-style discussion/image post board. Threads are in various areas, and most threads expire within a day or two. The specific area for the hoax coordination thread, /b, is the “random” area, where pretty much anything goes. If anyone wants to give 4chan a peek, be warned that it is, in general, totally NSFW.
dude that's not funny. My Chem is awesome.
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but yeah, didn't 4chan try too do something like this before that ended up on here?
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