I want the killswitch sound... which amps/pedals or effects should I use??

Hello fellow guitarists,

I play an ESP LTD Viper-400 guitar and I love it, the look, the sound, everything about it makes me randy, but my amp sucks, and im not sure what to do about the sound I want to produce. I have a Marshall 30 watt amp and a Line 6 Floor Pod, which I don't mind, but it's not specifically made for the style of music I want to play, which brings me to my next point. My favourite band is Killswitch Engage and I'm really striving to produce a sound that is similar to theirs, guitar wise. If anyone has any tips for my particular amp or floor pod, please let me know, or if anyone can suggest a better amp/ pedals or effects I would also take any suggestions. I'm looking into buying some new gear so I will take any pointers.

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