The song is called "Please Lend Me Your Time"
I haven't written a song I've been proud of in a long while, but I'd really love some feedback on it.
I think it's the result of listening to a lot of Donnie Vie (Enuff Z'Nuff)
and I think the chorus lyrics almost sound like they'd fit in a Nick Drake song, but who knows.

C4C, of course
The guitar playing is really solid, I liked the solo a lot. Vocals are okay, I think if you worked at it you could probably sound good. I mean it's decent, just wavers at times and becomes nasally on certain notes. The lyrics are a little bland/unremarkable (what I could make out anyways) or at the least generic.

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The guitar parts were lovely, the entire track itself was very well mixed, loved it however all apart from the vocals, I felt more could have been done with the vocal mix especially if your not that much of a singer, I mean it was in key, little shaky, little weak, just felt like you could have helped yourself a little by maybe, lowering the vocals slightly, cranking up the reverb a bit, adding a couple of vocal tracks and laying it on a bit thicker.
man i dig it. cool title its got a pretty good hook too. The vocals need work, but keep it up. great tune man.
The guitar parts are just beautiful...
All the instruments sounds great.
Instrumentally, it's pretty much perfect, in my opinion anyway.

Vocals are not bad, but could much better, it just feels insecure.
Checked out some of your other songs, and the vocals fit much better for example in I've Just Seen a Face. Keep it up!

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thank you all for the very kind words.
i know the vocals need some work, i only just recently started singing, only because i couldn't find anyone else to do it for me.
i actually wanted to make this track with some electric parts, especially the solo.
but my electric is missing a string and it has a floyd rose so i didn't want to take the time to change the strings at the moment.
maybe some day i'll re-do it with some electric parts, i'm content with it for now though.
thanks again for the input, i appreciate it.
i'll crit the songs you guys sent me soon, i just got off work and i'm terribly tired, haha.