if you got a Nintendo DS and a copy of pokemon, post your friendcodes here.

mine is 0259 2676 8532
I choose TEH MUDKIPS!!!!!!!!!!!
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what level are you around?,,,i don't know my friendcode off hand,, and am too lazy to go look it up,,, i also don't know if i can get my wireless to work at home,,, the last time I tried to it didn't.
I choose you! Ninetails!
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my original party is around lvl 50, but i'm transferring pokemon from Fire Red, and lots of those are between lvl 50 and lvl 80
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I choose you Magicarp! Splash attack!

magicarp! do your splash attack!
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ofcourse i laughed xD

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I choose you Weedle! Poison Sting!
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What the hell is a pokeman?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that there's a pokemon thread

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