I like it. The intro samples sound quite cool but they drag on a bit.

It sounds like a backing track rather than a song when the bass and the chords come in, probably because the guitar is so much in the mix. That could be an idea as a backing track if you wanted to write a melody or something over it. As a performance it's flawless so good job.


Take a look at mine ^_^ https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=947658
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Aye couldn't listen to it for too long but I mean it's put together fantastically well. I mean really, really, well.
I want to know how all you people are recording these damn songs, there have to be some free methods of programming, not everyone has money at their disposal. What software did you use?
Oh god! I love it...
It's just... flawless.
I want to marry it and have a family with it, I just don't know what to say, I can't crit the song, because i love it... And I can't crit the recording, because it's perfect!

Oh well
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Seriously, thank you so much for checking it out. I appreciate it.

'LittleKnowItAll', as with all of my songs there is not software or program used. I mic and record all my tracks to my 8-track Tascam Digital recorder. Then I mix and master them the old fashion way, with the faders etc. and burn them to disc and thats that (although I used some samples from some cheap program for the intro).

I will crit back Gronis in the morning as I'm totally pooched.

Thanks Again!
I very much like the change of pace this song gives from a lot of other UG work. This really gives a great diversity to the UG listeners. I like the spaced out format that you give the song, letting the music breathe in a way; combining elements of funk and electronic music with something like trip-hop.

The repetition I think is effective in the purpose of this song, which I would imagine to be party music/background listening to fill in the silence. It gives me a good vibe and its very well recorded and mixed. Props.

If you feel like expanding outside this genre then come and deliver me some critique in the rock/fusion and Metal/Acoustic/Epic mindset:
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urbanmyth: Great tune there. Has a cool feel to it that I can definetly get into. Nicely done. Yours is a genre I would like to explore on a more regular basis.

Thanks for listening!
Yeah I liked it. I love the intro, but it could probably be shortened. I really like it, and am going to download it.

Keep making awesome songs!

EDIT: Oh, you haven't enabled downloading. Could you do that please?
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Pretty cool intro with the samples. Love the laid back riffing too. I like how the song develops gradually without a rush. The guitar starts to sound directionless when the song progresses, though. Other than that, cool track.
excellent man!

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zenabi87: Sounds good. Definetly not my genre of expertise but nice job. I think you'd like a band from my town (Collingwood, Ontario) called "Prophecy Of Plagues" Check em out on myspace if you get a chance.

mothership: Good god. I listened to a bit of Boulevard but after I heard no vocals I switched to Enter Sandman and you blew my mind. Nice playing! Do you have originals?

Thanks for listening!