so my friends and I were getting drunk last night, i passed out on the floor and when my roommates got up for work at 3 AM, he tried to wake me and get me to my room...when i passed out on my bed he said, i said out "Its the Battle of 1862"

funny part is that i had no idea that there was a battle in 1862...well i looked it up and on August 29-30th there was a battle during the Civil War that took place in Kentucky. my roommate also brought his 2 cousins visiting from Kentucky over to my house.

i have no idea...but it sure is fun getting drunk and sputtering random words.
The same thing happened to my buddy the other week. We were trying to wake him up out of his drunken sleep and he blurted out "I HATE NOODLES!!" then he fell asleep again instantly.
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Fredricksburg? The butternuts versus the bluebellies?

Man, I am not up to date on my Civil War trivia.
I talk total jiberish in my sleep.

It's hilarious apparently.

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So I had to take a massive dump, and I went in the bassment. So it's been down there for a while and the stench is terrible and i think it's seeping into the floor.

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I bought one on a chain for my girlfriend.

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