I'm trying to record a song by plugging my guitar directly into my laptop. Unfortunately, the computer doesn't seem to be picking up my the signals from my guitar. When I try recording something, there's only silence. I've tried plugging it into both the mic input and the line-in input... Here's the funny thing. When I pull out the cable from the mic jack, the computer's built-in mic kicks in and I can record with that, but when I plug the cable in, nothing... Anyone know what to do?
I have the same problem man, but I have no idea how to fix it. Really hope someone gives some advice.
Well I'm recording with Acoustic Mixcraft, but I've also tried it on Audacity and Microsoft Sound Recorder every computer comes with... Still nothing.
Have you set the right input source? Open the volume control > Properties > Recording then select microphone/line-in and adjust the volume.
Oh. I haven't actually used any of those programs to record anything. Are you saying that you actually see the line that's supposed to be the wave line when you start recording? Or is nothing appearing at all? Cuz if it's the latter, that happens to me when I plug in my electric drums and start recording. Nothing shows up until I wait a bit, then the wave lines appear and I can start recording. Also, if waiting doesn't work (and it probably won't), have you tried setting your audio settings. I remember when I used Windows XP, I was able to switch between line-in and mic and stuff.
The wave-lines aren't showing up at all... And waiting hasn't worked. I've tried ****ing with the audio settings as much as I possibly can... Nada. But thanks for the help.
well I use a digitech rp80 in between...
and that works fine....
maybe the signal is too low...