Or I could settle for a less adequate guitar + a series of FX, whatever would be better.

Looking to base it off of sublime's sound, and go a few steps in another direction.

So as close to sublime i can get on a relatively low budget.

Also, if you can get a les paul with P-90's. Like the Agile version.
Yes, a strat would do nicely, or a epiphone les paul with a nice set of humbuckers.
If you don't like my last suggestion, go take a look at some Agile guitars in the $200-400 range on rondomusic.com . I've heard nothing but great things about the Agile guitars.
Schecter 006 Elite
Dean VX
Some Memphis 3/4th Strat copy
Peavey Vypyr Tube 60w
I'm considering the Fender, I've had a crappy Squier for the longest time, but I love it's feel. So I may stick with that type of guitar.

Any suggestions for the type of pick-ups? Etc..?